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Accounting Principles Videos


Accounting Principles videos are dedicated to an emphasis on the significance of accounting principles as the true groundwork for the student's professional, educational, vocational, and business objectives. The videos develop the students understanding of accounting principles and reporting standards such as accounts receivable and uncollectible accounts; notes payable and notes receivable; merchandise inventory; property, plant, and equipment; and depreciation. The videos also cover accounting for partnerships and financial statement analysis.


The videos include:

  • Pre-assessment Test
  • On-demand Video Instruction
  • Quizzes
  • Post-assessment Test
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE)


  1. Accounting Principles and Reporting Standards
  2. Accounts Receivable and Uncollectible Accounts
  3. Notes Payable and Notes Receivable
  4. Merchandise Inventory
  5. Property, Plant, and Equipment and Depreciation
  6. Accounting for Partnerships
  7. Corporations: Formation and Capital Stock Transactions
  8. Corporate Earnings and Capital Transactions
  9. Long-Term Bonds
  10. Financial Statement Analysis
  11. The Statement of Cash Flows

Video Access

To access the videos, go to Accounting Principles Videos.


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