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Accounting Analysis Videos

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The primary objective of accounting is to provide information that is useful in making good decisions. The videos emphasize that accounting is not an end but is a means to an end. Timely, relevant, and reliable accounting information is what enables a user who has an interest in the financial performance of the business to make good decisions. Business success begins with the fundamental knowledge and understanding of how accounting information is generated and analyzed for making good decisions.

Some students who watch these videos are not accountants. Individuals who own, manage, or work in a business should understand how accounting information is generated and analyzed to assist them in their specific responsibilities and enable them to make better decisions. For example, costs, prices, sales volume, profits, and return on investment are all accounting measurements and understanding these and other accounting terms and concepts help them understand and communicate within their business environment. Accounting is the language of business.


The videos include:

  • Pre-assessment Test
  • On-demand Video Instruction
  • Quizzes
  • Post-assessment Test
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE)


  1. Accounting: Information for Decision Making
  2. Basic Accountings
  3. The Accounting Cycle: Capturing Economic Events
  4. The Accounting Cycle: Accruals and Deferrals
  5. The Accounting Cycle: Reporting Financial Results
  6. Merchandising Activities
  7. Financial Assets
  8. Inventories and the Cost of Goods Sold
  9. Plant and Intangible Assets
  10. Liabilities
  11. Stockholders' Equity: Paid-In Capital
  12. Income and Changes in Retained Earnings
  13. Statement of Cash Flows
  14. Accounting Analysis


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